Upcoming LittleBigPlanet DLC

March 17: FREE St. Patrick's Day costume -- Give your Sackboy a lucky outfit, featuring a green tophat, beard, and shiny green suit. It's available for one week only.
March 19: Killzone Mini-Pack ($2.99) -- Get the Sev and Helghast costume and a bunch of stickers to make your LBP level a bit more hellish.
March 26: BUZZ! Mini-Pack ($2.99) -- Get a spectacled Buzz costume and stickers to give your levels a quizzacle look.
April 2: Patapon costume ($1.99) -- March to the beat, and get dressed as the lovely (but deadly!) PSP mascot.
April 9: Heavenly Sword Mini-Pack ($2.99) -- Get Nariko, Kai, and 27 stickers to make your levels look a bit more heavenly.
April 16: FREE Monkey King costume -- This costume is the winning entry of a PlayStation Asia contest. Get it for free ... forever.


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