Details on Pokemon Black/White video chat for 3DS/DSi and more

- DSi/3DS exclusive feature: Live Caster
- Live Caster must be obtained in-game
- Live Caster allows video chats with friends
- 4-player over local wireless or 2 player over wi-fi for Live Caster use
- Pass By mode: using the C Gear, you can connect with other players when you walk by them
- Details on what these Pass By mode connects do have not been revealed
- order in which your Pokemon take during triple battles plays into the damage calculations
- High Link feature: massive overworld hub that allows you to walk up to other players and offer help in the form of mission
- High Link feature is located in the Isshu region

Remember, the 4 player video chat is only over local wireless but the 2 player video chat can be done over wi-fi.

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