Catch your own free Celebi

You can catch your very own Celebi right now by going to the Pokemon Black and White Tour which began on February 5. Oh, what's that? You're not able to make the trip out to the 14 cities it's running through. Well fret not, Nintendo is giving you the option of downloading Celebi via your local Gamestop. But you better hurry because you only have until March 6.

Once you have Celebi there are special scenarios that you can discover. The first is when you transfer your Celebi to your Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver game and take Celebi to the Shrine in Ilex Forest. It will cause you to go back in time and fight Team Rocket boss Giovanni.

The second scenario happens when you transfer your Celebi to Pokemon Black or White. It will unlock the opportunity to catch Zorua. Pokemon Black and Pokemon White will be available on March 6.


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