Wii U controller redesign leaked online

For a brief moment this picture was leaked onto twitter before being taken down. Of course nothing on the internet is ever really erased so hear it is.

As you can see there are a couple changes to this version of the controller compared to the one from E3 2011.

The first thing that sticks out (okay I'm sorry about that pun) are the analog sticks which have replaced the slide pads also found in the 3DS. Now personally I like the slide pads on my 3DS but there's one problem with them, they don't click. For a handheld that's fine but for console games (especially shooters) R3 and L3 are essential.

The start and select buttons have moved from the bottom center of the controller to the right. This was probably done to make it easier to press those buttons during gameplay.

There also seems to be a see-through ring around the home button which my guess is that it will light up for things like maybe notifications. Also if you weren't sure the name Wii U was staying, the logo on the controller pretty much means they're keeping it.

There are also those weird squares, one between the battery light and the power button, and the other right under the D-pad. We don't know what they are yet but we'll know soon enough.

All this info is from observation of the leaked image. We don't however know if this is the latest redesign or if there are newer models out there. E3 is coming in fast and they'll probably be more leaked info in the coming days so stay tuned!



james braselton said...

hi there yeah home button lights up now they need have a glow in the dark console or have translucant glass with leds too light up the intier console

ramdj said...

That would be a cool throwback to the old Nintendo 64 were it was see through!

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