Wii U Pro controller looks like the Xbox 360 controller, why that's a good thing

Here's the Wii U Pro controller everyone's been talking about. Some say that they copied Microsoft because it looks like the Xbox 360 controller... and well it does, but is that such a bad thing?

Nintendo has always been known to blaze their own trail inventing new ways to play games while others copied soon after. Whether it was the d-pad on the NES,

the four face buttons and L/R shoulder buttons found in the SNES controller,
the analog stick and rumble pack found in the N64 controller or the Wavebird in the Gamecube making wireless controllers a norm.
Nintendo is always doing their own thing and when they make great new features Microsoft and Sony then implement it into their own systems. Is that bad? No, because they know that those are all great additions and the gaming community as a whole would benefit from them.

Unfortunately in the past Nintendo hasn't been so keen on copying or implementing what the competition have been doing, even if what they were doing was great and revolutionary. One of these instances is the use of online. Microsoft has had the online component of their system down for quite some time now and Nintendo has been very resistant to change.

But now with the Wii U it seems Nintendo has turned a new leaf. They now see what other consoles are doing great and are seeing how they can implement it into their own system. The online aspect of the Wii U seems light years ahead of what the Wii was doing, and in some aspects better than what the 360 and PS3 are doing.
Now back to the controller thing. After showing off the Wii U controller it was obvious that Nintendo wasn't expecting everyone to go out and buy extra expensive tablet controllers for when your friends come over to play multiplayer games. So they had to make a controller with the same buttons as the included tablet controller but without the screen.

Now all they had to do is figure out how the shell of the controller would look. Since they're trying to win back the 'hardcore' (man I hate that term) gamers they needed a controller that those players are used to, so something like the PS3 controller or the Xbox 360 controller. Now personally I think the 360 controller is a bit more comfortable than the PS3 controller and they must have thought the same because that's the one they went after.
Nintendo is finally seeing what others are doing better and using it instead of ignoring them. And as a gamer I love that I can play with my tablet controller and when friends and family come over for some gaming I can hand them the Wii U Pro controller and they will immediately know how to use it.

So the Wii U Pro controller looks like the Xbox 360 controller. Again I ask, is that so bad?

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