Looks like the Wii Mini is a real thing, currently only for Canada at 99.99

The Wii Mini rumor turned out to be true. It will launch in Canadian stores on Dec. 7 at 99.99. As of now no other regions seem like they will release this system.

I think the Wii Mini was a good idea a year or so ago. Not now that the Wii U came out and could cause confusion among parents. It could lead to kids opening their Christmas presents expecting a Wii U and getting this instead.

Also the Wii Mini doesn't support any Gamecube games or controllers. It also doesn't have any way to access the internet so no online play or downloading old Nintendo classics. The console has been concentrated to do one thing and one thing only, play Wii games.

That being said, I do like the way it looks. It has an old school vibe going on that I really like. Even without online support I would totally consider buying this thing if it had Gamecube support, but then again that maybe has more to say about me finding the easiest way to play Smash Bros.


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