Nintendo planning Wii U updates to increase system speed and launch Virtual Console

Nintendo has heard the cries of Wii U owners and are planning on fixing some issues with two updates, one in the spring and one in the summer. The updates will address the time it takes to launch a game from the Wii U main menu as well as the time it takes to get back.

Nintendo also plans to launch their Virtual Console service for the Wii U after the spring update. These NES and SNES games will be updated to have extra features like the ability to save at any time, play off the gamepad screen, and access the Miiverse community for that specific game.

Nintendo is also looking to add GBA games as well but it's unclear if that will be at the launch of the service or at a later time.

The prices for these games are in my opinion still a little too high. The NES games will range from 5 to 6 dollars and the SNES games from 8 to 9 dollars. If you have bought some games from the Virtual Console in the past you will have the opportunity to re-buy the updated versions at a lower price. It will be 1 dollar for NES games and 1.50 for SNES.

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